Update! Karl Griesbaum Music Box Key is Found!

This week is going to be a short update because I was excited to record a video to show you guys. Remember when I wrote about the Karl Griesbaum musical bird box a couple weeks ago? And how I wrote I couldn’t find the key to the music box? Well, do I have exciting news! I found it and it’s bird-shaped!

The artist could’ve just designed a normal wind-up key but they decided to keep it within the bird theme. I love small ornamental touches like this. It really ties the entire product up! A little drawback is that the key can’t be kept in the hole because it sticks out beyond the foot of the box. You’ll have to remove it after winding it up. I suppose that’s how it got lost in a box of knick knacks after my grandma sorted through everything. That lady loves to organize!

Key in music box.
The box doesn’t lay flat when the key is inserted. Image by Samantha Yeung.

Regardless, I’m happy I finally get to hear my grandpa’s music box. It might need some fixing up because it chirps a little slower than the refurbished ones that are posted on YouTube, but overall not bad! I was expecting it to not chirp at all.

Karl Griesbaum Singing Bird Box in Action! Uploaded by Samantha Yeung.

Besides the sound, the bird itself is starting to show some wear and tear. When I cranked the key and the bird popped out, one of its eyes flew off. I guess the glue is starting to become brittle and will eventually chip away. It’s blind in one eye for now. I’m planning on doing some research in crafting with feathers to see what glue would be best to use. Let me know if you have any recommendations!

Music box bird eye and feather
The poor bird is blind in one eye! 😦 Image by Samantha Yeung.

Bottom line, I’m pretty happy! This music box is becoming my favourite thing from my grandpa’s collection. I haven’t gone through everything yet but I hope I can find more treasures with this sort of charm!